Terms of Use

We love to give out free stuff! But, there are a few simple rules you’ll have to respect:


You are permitted to use any resource on this site for personal or commercial design projects. You can download, add, resize, rotate, modify, add other elements to it etc. to suit your needs. Attribution or link back is not required, but much appreciated!


First of all, you cannot claim any resource published by “zolee” on this site as yours.

You are prohibited to scrape content (the images “as is”) and to publish it on your own website without my permission.

You are prohibited to resell, redistribute, sub-licence or redistribute for free any resource on its own or as a separate attachment of your project. In other words: the resource must be only a part of your design project (e.g. background of a brochure).

You are prohibited hotlink (to show our images in img tags on your website hosted by onlygfx.com).

Also, you are prohibited to use any resource for spam, illegal, immoral design projects.

If for any reason you don’t understand something or something isn’t clear, please feel free to contact us.